Monday, February 19, 2007

O goodnes....

LIfe is crazy!!!! My week has been so busy. Jenna came home!!! Yay! Jenna is officially back. That was so awesome!! I turned 19, and I got a new job. School is going crazy. I just had a presentation, I have a big essay due, a history test, math test, and a Russian teacher to please. (by pleasing, I mean I need to get my homework done and to do well in it all. I don't mind that at all, but it is sorta stressful at times) Oh well, that's life. So anyway. That's all. Be blessed ya'll!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Sad day :(

:( It was a sad week. Christmas came with sorrow this year. Here's the link. This girl is my second cousin. For those who know me, you can email me for more details if you want. But ya'll please pray for her husband. He really needs it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

painted hands

I have a little nugget ya'll can think about. Okay, so God taught me something. I mean, I already knew it, so it was more of a reminder. Here goes:

So I was having a hard time last night. (rather not go into details) but I was frustrated. So instead of going to God with my problems I took a bunch of markers and totally drew on my hand. It looked so neat! You couln't see my hand in the end. Well, it was late and I needed to wash my hand. (it began to smell because that much marker doesn't smell well after a while) So I'm trying to wash my hand and only some of the marker comes off. So my hand is bright red and purple, plus it still smells. So I go to bed but before I do, I rub tons of lotion on to mask the smell. Yeah, now my hand is greesy and smells 2x worse! It was at this point that God reminded me of his love. What happened to my hand is what happens when we try to cover up sin. For example, if you sin and you know you sin. Being a chirstian or a non-christian, if you try to cover up that sin (like I covered up my hand) it may be okay for a while, but then you realize it's not all that great. You feel gross and then your cover up begins to stink. So you try to scrub it off yourself instead of going to God. So after minutes of scrubing, you realize that your "hand" is stained. The sin you committed has stained you. And nothing you try to do can remove it. There is only one thing that can remove it and make you pure again. It's Jesus' blood. Only he can make you clean.

So anyway, there's my little nugget. :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

hmm... It's been awhile since I've written. School's going pretty well. Only two in a half weeks left!! I'm so excited! This is the first year where I get 3 weeks of Christmas vacation. Life's going pretty well. I'm training a new horse, flicka. She's really sweet and laid back. I'm in english class right now. We're not really doing anything. We already had our lesson or assaignment. What ever you really want to call it. Here's a paradox for you:
The Gentle Murder Paradox

If you commit murder, you ought to do so gently. Suppose then that you do commit murder. Then you ought to do so gently. Now from you ought to do A it follows that you ought to do anything logically implied by A. (For example, from I ought to help my mother and spend time with my children it follows that I ought to help my mother.) You are murdering gently entials you are committing murder. So, it follows that you ought to commit murder.

Anyone want to take a swing at that? We discussed it in english. Hope ya'll are doing well!! be blessed!

Monday, November 06, 2006

hello. Sorry, i know it's been awhile. Wow. Alot has gone on these past few days. I got to hear from Jenna last night! (Yay!) Hm.. I'm excited about next semester. I hope I get the classes I want. I'm taking Russian. Hm. That will be interesting :) So what's up with all of ya'll? We've had a few earthquakes the past few weeks. I think there have been 4 or 5 total. Not big enough to do any damage. But they were enough to send us rolling. It was funny. Half of the older gernerations freaked out and called the police. Some thought a bomb had gone off...... it was fun :) Public speaking is horrible! ugh.. Oh! I have a good book I highly recommend. It's: When Boy Meets Girl. By Joshua Harris. It's like the sequal or something to I Kissed Dating Goodbye. hm. well, I've got to go. Be blessed!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Goodmorning suntars! The earth says hello!!!

This just popped into my head. I think it's from Willie Wonka or something like that. Hope ya'll are doing well!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Q: How many men does it take to unlock a door?
A: 4 men with one man on the other end of a phone trying to tell the 4 what to do. Plus 3 women to watch and laugh!

Wow! What a night! God is so cool. I don't have time to explain but I love you Katy!!